Cozybed Mattress Review 2019

One of the most well known brands, aside from the famous five that market online is Cozybed, tag line.. sleep the way nature intended.

A sleek blue and white style featuring advanced technology, limited partner disturbance, a higher than usual 15 year warranty and same day delivery in three major cities.

Introducing our Cozybed Review.

Featuring high quality materials and versatility in different sleeping surfaces, this spring free, memory foam, mattress combines latex, memory foam and support foam to offer an exceptional nights sleep for under $900 (queen size).

CozyBed Review 2019

CozyBed Mattress Review

Unlike many other mattress in a box products, the CozyBed can’t be customised by flipping top foam layers meaning you’re stuck with the standard configuration.

However don’t be put off by this, aside from being one of the quickest mattresses to inflate out of the box, they provide an outer cover that helps provide a cool sleeping feel. I found the mattress was still quite hot even during winter time.

After a month of using the mattress the top layer felt less supportive on the back and spine. Heavier users may find you sink too far down into the memory foam but lighter sleepers (<80kg) should find this mattress doesn’t offer much in the way of ‘sinkage.’

I’m 80kg and sunk too far down into the mattress.

During our testing we found that this mattress caused little partner disturbance but it was very minimal due to the sinkage.

My partner is much lighter (50kg) and didn’t sink into the mattress and mentioned she felt a little disturbed.

This is a perfect mattress for anyone who may have considered a HappySleep mattress. I’d say it would be geared towards a someone on a budget, looking to get value for money and change from $1,000.

If money isn’t an option you may find better boxed mattresses out there.

However, the CozyBed mattress is still a good mattress for the price.

See the bottom of the article for a full experience using the Cozybed. 

CozyBed Pricing

I’m a big believer in buying a queen mattress but if you’re looking for something smaller or even larger then they offer the full range, single, king single, double, queen, king.

The prices below are using the $300 discount that they regularly offer.

Size Price (Sale)
Single $450
King Single $500
Double $650
Queen $750
King $850

CozyBed Important Information

You can currently get the following:

  • 100 night trial, return for a full refund
  • Express same day delivery in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney
  • Fast shipping across Australia
  • 15 year warranty is 33% longer than most.

CozyBed Discount Coupon

There are regular promo codes posted on the official website. The most common is $300 off and various offers such as free delivery.

Best Coupon: Usually $300 Off Via Website.
  • Comfort
  • Build Quality
  • Partner Disturbance
  • Value For Money
  • Trial/Warranty


A high quality mattress at a lower price, offers good sleep quality and minimal partner disturbance. Fast delivery and long trial period.


  • Fast same day delivery in three cities
  • Inflates in seconds out of the box
  • 100 night free trial period
  • 15 Year warranty is much longer
  • Good responsive support team.


  • Heavy sleepers may sink
  • Lacking major tech like other brands
  • Smells for 24-48 hours initially.

How To Buy CozyBed Mattress?

If you’re ready to buy one of the CozyBed mattresses then you’ve got a few options. The easiest is to buy direct from their website. Cleared payments equals fast same day delivery (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) and nationwide within a few days.

You can choose to pay with Afterpay or Zip Pay.

Other options include Paypal, Credit Card and direct bank transfer.

How To Buy Online?

If you do decide to buy your mattress through the official website make sure you enter the special promo code to get your $300 coupon (see above) they regularly run. If it’s nearly end of finance year then you may get an even bigger discount. Usually around June.

Your 100 night trial starts from the date your mattress is delivered, not the date you order. Western Australia and rural customers may need to wait a few days 3-5 days for delivery whereas metro customers can expect delivery same day within 4 hours if ordered in the morning.

How To Setup The CozyBed Mattress?

Buying a mattress in a box is straight forward and setting one up is just as easy:

  1. Open box next to where you will use mattress
  2. Open mattress and unravel on base/floor/frame
  3. Cut open the plastic wrap, don’t nip your mattress!
  4. The mattress will expand in the next 5-10 minutes
  5. Allow the mattress to air out for a few hours
  6. Place a bottom sheet
  7. Place a mattress topper for added comfort
  8. Add your pillows, duvet and you’re done.
  9. Enjoy your CozyBed mattress.


CozyBed Personal Verdict

We bought the queen mattress which was delivered the same day in Melbourne, we actually ordered on a Sunday night and it was delivered by 11am in central city. The box was heavy at 36kg and required two people to lift up the stairs. There were wheels on the box for easier assistance.

The Cozybed mattress expanded in seconds but there was a punjant smell that lasted for 48 hours. Usually this is normal for boxed mattresses but only lasts a few hours.

The springy latex and high density memory foam offered a pleasant surface but I sunk far too far into the mattress, I’m only 80kg and this was causing sore backs. Lighter sleepers such as my partner reported no issues. The mattress was also quite warm, even in the middle of winter.

After contacting their support, who did respond quickly, they suggested flipping the mattress over for a harder surface but it was like sleeping on the floor and very cold. There was no middle ground with the Cozybed unfortunately.

Mattress was donated to the Salvage Army and a full refund was provided.

Now you’ve read our CozyBed mattress review, you should consider checking out our buyers guide for a full range of the best mattresses in Australia.