Best Mattress In A Box Australia

The mattress in a box craze has finally landed down under and with over 40 different companies offering various options, consumers like yourself are spoilt for choice. Today we’re going to be looking at the best mattress in a box Australia has to offer.

The one problem most consumers actually face is deciding which is the best boxed mattress for them, so we’ve compared eleven of the very best in our ultimate buyers guide.

Most boxed mattresses come in various sizes ranging from single, double, queen and king with prices usually coming in at well under $1,290 AUD. Some cost as little as $400 (single) while others max out at around $1395 (king).

Those with deep pockets will find plenty of traditional mattresses that go up to over $50k but we’re unsure if they actually perform better.

Most of companies featured in our buyers guide for 2023 also offer free delivery within metro areas and most are usually dispatched the same day if you order before 11am, with deliveries usually taking up to 5 hours.

Mattresses in a box are packaged and delivered in easy to open cardboard boxes that are designed for 1-2 people to carry.

Some even come with wheels so you can pull/push them into your front door or apartment elevator, eliminating the need to arrange a day off for you and the family to take delivery of your mattress.

Expands In Seconds

Mattresses are vacuum sealed with special machinery and once laid out on the floor you simply cut the plastic packaging and your mattress will magically inflate. Jack, you’re not serious? Yes I am. Fully inflated, most mattresses weigh around 20-30kg but some of the pocket spring ones can go up to 70kg.

Prices are usually fixed, ensuring you don’t have to deal with pushy sales people. The official websites regularly offer discount coupon codes up to $500 off allowing you to get the best price so check for the best coupon codes on our site before purchase.

Most companies now also offer Afterpay or Zip pay too. Don’t go searching for coupons online, those sites provide fake coupons while stuffing their tracking pixel in your browser to steal a commission from the mattress company..fraud…

Affordability and convenience are the two main reasons why consumers opt for a boxed mattresses. Others like me prefer the superior comfort and sleeping experience over a conventional spring mattress.

Prior to purchasing a standard spring mattress I was constantly tossing and turning, which is no longer a problem with a memory foam mattress as it moulds around your body as you sleep.

Getting Used To Your New Mattress

You may experience a few weeks of back discomfort when switching to a memory foam mattress, this is normal. However most companies offer a 100-125 night free trial to test your mattress and decide for yourself.

The table below compares the current market for boxed mattresses and mattress in a box options.

Best Mattress In A Box Australia

1. Emma Sleep Mattress

emma sleep review au

Without a shadow of a doubt, the mattress making heads turn in 2021 is the Emma Sleep mattress. A global brand, it’s available throughout Australia with fast delivery, making it perfect for those times when you need a mattress urgently (new apartment move in maybe?)

The mattress comes in 5 different sizes (single, double, king single, queen, king), with the depth being 25cm, a perfect mattress with 4 layers, supported by foam. The second layer is point-elastic Airgocell® foam, in this mattress lets one part of the bed compress without affecting the rest. This means that if you sleep with someone who tosses and turns a lot, you won’t feel their movements on your side of the bed.

The Emma Sleep mattress can help you get a better sleep. It also has a supportive HRX form layer with special zoning technology, a foam to support the proper alignment of your hips, shoulders, and spine. The advanced layer adapts perfectly to your body shape, ensuring that your mattress provides optimal support where you need it most.

The mattresses are all designed by a team of sleep experts and scientists, ready to be expanded on your bedroom floor or bed frame.

You can pickup a queen size mattress from $810 although they regularly have discounts and special offers.

All mattresses from Emma come with a 100 night trial allowing you to return for a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality.

Emma Sleep offers various payment methods including Mastercard, Visa, Afterpay, Paypal, with Finance available via Klarna and Zip.

2. Origin Mattress

“If you’re looking for an affordable hybrid mattress-in-a-box, look no further! Rated the #1 Value for Money Mattress on ProductReview Australia, the Origin Hybrid Mattress starts from $459. Plus, Origin offers 15 years warranty, free delivery and a 100% refund within the 120-day trial, no questions asked if you are not happy with your mattress.”

It’s now 2023, and this guide has come a long way over the years. New companies have come, others have gone, but the mattress at the forefront of everyone’s minds (and sales volumes) is the award winning world’s first weight-comfort mattress, Orgin Mattress.

Boasting a plethora of positive reviews, with ultra high ratings, the mattress is available in 6 different sizes (single, double, king single, queen, king and super king) and is designed to relieve 98.8% of body pressure, creating a truely weightless experience. It’s a bold statement, but it’s easy to see why, this is the mattress to buy in 2023.

Backed by German engineering, it’s easy to see why this product has won numerous awards from Vogue,, GQ, Body+Soul, ProductReview, and now myself here at Boxed Mattress Guide. When combined with their Origin Coolmax Latex pillow, and the conjour mattress topper, you’ll have the perfect nights sleep. And like many other boxed mattress companies, your purchase is backed by a 120 night trial, free delivery and 15 year warranty. The trial alone is enough to test, test, test and see if it’s right for you.

Recent estimates put Origin Mattress sales at over 50,000 in Australia alone, and is used by athletes, sports stars and average Australians. So why are they buying it, and what makes Origin Mattress so good?

Right out of the gate, they have a hybrid mattress that combines their proprietary material, memory foam and precision springs, creating an adaptive, supportive temperature regulating sleeping experience. I’ve tested a lot of mattresses as you’ll see if you keep reading this page, and few come close. Where a traditional memory foam mattress (think Koala) is good for those that love to sink into their mattress, Origin offers a firmer experience, with a focus on your spine, so you won’t wake up feeling stiff.

You can pickup a queen size mattress from $1164 although they regularly have discounts and special offers, i.e. $699!


3. Hugo Mattress

Best Mattress In A Box Australia

The Hugo mattress in a box is a layer upon layer combination of foam and latex which together create the perfect recipe for a great sleep every night or a binge-watch between times.

The base is made from high-density foam to provide both support and longevity. Above that is a transition layer of slightly lighter foam to provide a floaty feeling to the two upper comfort layers.

The next one is the primary comfort layer of a medium density memory foam which contours to your body for perfect alignment all night long, pressure relief and general comfort for the entire body. And finally is the layer which your body is in direct contact with – a naturally breathable latex which circulates air around your body for temperature and moisture control all night long.

This top layer is also hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial. The end result is an incredibly comfortable mattress for an amazing sleep every night and a firmness level which suites nine out of ten users.

And if that was not enough, the Hugo also passes the ‘wineglass test’ and keeps your movements isolated from those of your partner – you probably thought only a box sprung mattress could achieve that!

You don’t need a base for the Hugo – he’s happy on the floor if that’ all you have.

The Hugo is priced very affordably indeed. It comes in all sizes from Single ($695) through to King ($1,095). And at the time of writing there is a $50 automatic discount available.

Zippay is also available at checkout.

The manufacturers give you a 3-month money-back trial period to allow you to make sure you like the Hugo and a 10-year warranty.

Delivery is free to all areas.

4. Happy Sleep Mattress

happysleep mattress review

HappySleep mattresses in a box are manufactured using a mix of latex for bounce, memory foam for cooling air circulation, pressure relief and partner disturbance minimisation, and a high-density support base for durability.

The manufacturer’s design aim is to provide a comfortable sleep surface for all body types and support needs. The latex is bouncy and responsive and the foam comfort layers are appropriately supportive. These mattresses are a 6.7 firmness level, which has been shown to suit most sleepers.

The Tencel top layer is a smooth, cool to touch and breathable finishing touch. It is naturally antibacterial and is a natural wood-derived product.

HappySleep mattresses come in four sizes from King Single ($799) to King ($1,099). At the time of writing, you can use the coupon ‘SLEEP’ to receive a $300 discount!

Afterpay and Zip are available payment options at checkout.

Delivery is free to all areas and may take up to 10 business days depending on your location. Melbourne Metro is same day if ordered before midday.

You will have 100 nights to try the mattress and return it for free if you decide that it’s not for you.

A 10-year warranty applies.

5. Koala (Most Recognised 2019)

The Koala mattress in a box has the perfect feel – not too soft and not too hard. Just right.

The mattress has only two layers.

On the base are a 16cm Ecofoam layer of firm and springy foam for long term support of the upper 6cm Kloudcell layer.

Kloudcell is an innovation of soft comfort foam which incorporates an open-cell breathable texture for the optimal comfort and support of every user in all climates, with perfect alignment of your spine throughout the night no matter how you move. The manufacturer describes it as being ‘tailored to give the lush feel memory foam and latex with breathability and bounce’.

The channels built into this layer provides an escape for body heat and airflow for cooling and comfort.

The washable removable cover keeps the mattress fresh and clean at all times.

The mattress can be delivered at no charge to any major metropolitan area within 4 hours of ordering. The manufacturer has a 120-night free trial policy to ensure that you are happy with the product, as well as a free return option and a 10-year warranty.

Available in sizes Single ($750) through to King ($1,250), at the time of writing you may also be eligible to receive a discount of $100 off the mattress and sofa combo. There are also ‘Slumber Bundles’ to take advantage of and save up to $300.

Afterpay and Zippay interest-free finance options are available.

6. Ecosa Mattress

best boxed mattress australia

The Ecosa mattress in a box is a little bit special: you can change its firmness to suit your own changing needs over time. All you have to do is to swap its layers around.

But before we discuss that, let’s look at the mattress itself and the separate layers that it has.  The goal of the manufacturer of the Ecosa was to create a mattress that supports every user’s natural spine alignment, thereby allowing him/her to enjoy a completely restorative sleep every night whatever their particular needs may be.

So the notion was born that three separate layers of different firmness could be created which could be swapped around to suit every need: Firm, Medium and Soft.

The Firm layer is a high-density G-7 memory foam with infused gel particles for temperature control. The Medium id a bouncy open-cell foam-like latex, durable and breathable. And the Soft layer is an ergonomic support foam for spinal alignment and pressure point support as well as partner disturbance limitation.

To finish off is a German-made micro-filament waterproof mattress protector and a removable washable premium poly cover with zipper.

All layers have pin-core holes to create a fully breathable air circulating system throughout the entire mattress for a cool sleeping environment.

The mattress can be placed on any firm surface including the floor.

The Ecosa comes in seven sizes from Single ($799) to Super King (1,499). At the time of writing the company is offering a $200 discount on all mattresses and bed bases, and 20% off all other items. Take advantage of their ‘Better Sleep Bundle’ and save a further 499!

Delivery and returns are free in Australia. Delivery times are variable but as little as 4 hours in major capital cities. You have a 100-night money-back trial and a 15-year warranty.

Both Afterpay and Zip are available.

7. Eva Mattress

There are six features of the Eva mattress in a box which stand out.

Firstly, it is one of the few of its type which successfully combines memory foam with micro coil and pocket springs in a compressed package. That alone sets it apart from the rest.

The other features are its minimisation of partner disturbance, adaptiveness to all body types and shapes, breathability, beautifully cooling and comfortable top layer, suitability for both back and side sleepers, and finally its multi-layer technology.

Not wanting to go into too much detail (you can look more closely at the specifications online) the mattress has six layers. The spring base provides support and has superior edge control by way of smaller springs in the side pockets. Above is a five-zone independent pocket spring layer which isolates movement and minimises disturbance between partners.

The mattress’s firmness is established by the next layer of quality density foam. Another spring layer sits on top of that but these are micro springs designed to relieve pressure points and to contour itself around the body for ultimate support.

Airflow is another important feature of that layer. Then there’s a natural latex for airflow as well as antimicrobial and dust-mite protection. The gel memory foam on the top of all the other layers is designed for temperature regulation and pressure relief by way of gel beads spread throughout the foam.

This mattress is an intermediate firmness designed to suit 95% of users.

It comes in five sizes from Single ($600) to King ($1,000). Both Afterpay and Zip are available. There currently no promotions.

With purchase, you will receive the benefit of a free 120-night trial, with free returns and a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. The mattress also comes with a 12-year warranty.

Delivery is free with a 5-hour turnaround in metro areas.

8. OneBed

Onebed online mattresses in a box come in two varieties: the Original 10” and the new Essential 8”.

Both use memory foam and latex to create a sleep surface which is cool, comfortable, supportive and durable. The key to these mattresses is that the layers are adjustable to suit every body type and sleep support need. The company uses only eco-friendly materials in their manufacturing process.

The Original 10” is a simple 3-layer combination of springy latex and high-density memory foam. The layers still bounce but won’t collapse under your weight. Its cushioning effect keeps partner movement transfer to a minimum. The latex layer at the top provides a cooling airflow, drawing heat away from the surface next to the body.

The Essential 8” is a new and more affordable option to the Original but retains the original’s level of quality. It has two layers only: a high-density base of memory foam spinal alignment and long-lasting support, and a top layer of gel-infused memory foam for cooling and moulded support of your whole body. The Essential still provides the same benefits as the original such as limited partner disturbance, surface buoyancy, pressure relief, and ventilation.

The Onebed mattresses both come in five sizes from Single to King. At the time of writing the mattresses are being heavily discounted. Singles in the Original are $500 (usually $750) and in the Essential $300 (usually $550). King size in the Original are $900 (usually $1,150) and in the Essential $650 (usually $900).

Afterpay and ZipMoney are both available, both shipping and returns are free, and a 125-night free trial is available. A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty applies to all purchases.

9.  Sleeping Duck Pro

The mattress in a box from Sleeping Duck is a unique two-in-one firmness system which allows each partner to have the firmness which suits their individual needs. You can customise the firmness to not only target each side of the bed but also to target specific body parts on each side.

This mattress has been highly rated on many high-profile platforms for design and innovation, including CHOICE magazine.

Turning to the specifications for a minute, the mattress has four layers starting with a base of pocket springs, not often found in boxed mattresses. These are delivered in a 5-zone system to provide support for every part of the body independently of each other, hence the limited partner disturbance.

The next layer up is customisable high-density foam with firmness control. Then there’s a layer of ‘hyper-adaptive’ foam which has the features of both memory foam and latex to relieve pressure points and give buoyancy and a sense of weightlessness. But it’s 8 times more breathable than either latex or memory foam. And finally, the mattress has a silky bamboo cover which provides optimal comfort to the skin. It’s anti-microbial, breathable and soft to the touch. The mattresses have reinforced edges for extra room.

Now we come to the customisation to suit partners with different firmness needs. Simple: Sleeping Duck has a half-half mattress to suit the combined preferences when you order. And targeting particular problem areas is also catered to by changing the top layer of the mattress following what you say are your sore spots.

The mattress comes in five sizes single ($799) through to King ($1,449).

The company offers a 100-nights trial, free firmness changes, and a 10-year warranty.

Delivery and returns are both free of charge. Zipmoney is available at checkout.

10. 624 Mattress

Best Mattress In A Box Australia

The 624 mattress in a box has a total of six separate layers in its construction, which combine to create a sleeping experience you’ll be amazed by. In addition to using the best quality materials, the 624 also includes an interchangeable top layer which allows you the choice of three separate firmness levels to suit your personal preference.

The base of the mattress is a highly ventilated material with gripping points to prevent mattress movement during the night. On top of that is a Kantec fabric layer which is a soft touch and fast-drying material to draw moisture from the upper layers for a more comfortable sleep.

Above the base layers are a 190mm highly compact resistant Kantec foam which provides a firm surface for sleep, eliminates partner disturbance and has an open molecular construction for easy passage of air and moisture. This layer promotes hygiene and temperature regulation.

A 40mm high-density memory foam above that moulds to your body shape and provides a floaty weightless feeling. Then there is a 30mm natural latex layer (with activated charcoal) to relieve pressure points and absorb odours and impurities.

And finally, there is the protective inner mesh cover which is anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. There is a removable washable cover to keep the sleeping surface clean and fresh.

At the time of writing the mattress is heavily discounted and comes with two free pillows and a sheet set.

The sizes available are the King Single at $699, Double at $799, Queen at $899 and King at $999. The company also has a limited time Holiday Special with two mattresses for the price of one. Both Afterpay and Zip are available.

The 624 comes with a risk-free 125-night free trial, free delivery and returns, and a 10-year warranty.

11. Sleep Republic

The mattress in a box from Sleep Republic is another one which combines the softness and floatiness of memory foam and latex with the bounce and support of pocket springs.

This is a lovely hybrid mattress with five layers brought together to create the perfect sleeping surface for everybody.

The base is a combination of high definition pocket springs for superior support targeted specifically to five separate body areas. The independent springs limit partner disturbance and also allow for ventilation throughout this layer. The edging is made from firm steel springs for maximum use of the entire mattress surface.

The side panels are created from a 3D spacer fabric for even more airflow.

The three layers above the base are designed to allow for the ultimate sleep comfort for all body types. A natural latex layer provides both support and recovery with airflow and a cooling effect via multiple ventilation holes. Above this is a gel-infused memory foam for pressure relief and moulding around the body.

The gel adds another temperature stabilising component. And the top layer is a beautifully soft cashmere knitted material which is exceptionally long-lasting and comfortable.

The mattress comes in six sizes from Single ($599) to King ($1,399).

At the time of writing the company is offering a free bamboo sheet set or $120 discount off your purchase. Also, if you add a King or Queen mattress to your purchase you can choose a gift up to the value of $250. Or you can shop in Bundles and save money. Bedding accessories are also available.

Payment options include Paypal, Afterpay and Zip.

Delivery and returns are free to all areas, and the mattress comes with a 100-night free trial, no questions asked. There is also a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty.

12. Naptime

Mattresses from Naptime are another online ‘boxed’ type which cut out the retailer.

Naptime has three different mattress choices: the Original, the Hybrid and the Rookie.

The Original is the company’s starter mattress, the one that they launched their business with. It has five levels which together combine to provide a supportive, cooling and pressure-relieving sleep surface for all body shapes and types.

It is made from premium memory foams, thick and natural bamboo fabrics and lovely linen weave materials.

The memory foams include the use of gel-infusions and microcell structures for support, pressure relief and cooling effects, and ‘bounce-back’ technology to ensure contouring around the body without that sinking feeling when you move around at night.

The Hybrid is Naptime’s most advanced mattress which features both 5- Zone Springs and Transition Foams. The rest of the Hybrid is much the same as their Original but the addition of the springs and new foam types takes this mattress to a new level of comfort.

The 1,000+ individually wrapped coil springs are spread in 5 zones throughout the mattress to provide optimal support and comfort to every part of your body, as well as limitation of partner disturbance, and ‘sleep to the edge’ technology. The new transition foams are even better at balancing your body without engulfing it.

They keep you warm in winter, cool in summer.

And lastly, the Rookie is the newest addition to the family, and the least expensive. This is a streamlined version of the Original and the Hybrid, so it does use both memory foam and pocket springs for optimal support and comfort.

But the overall design uses a bit less of each to make it an affordable option.

The springs cover a 3-zone system which focuses particularly on the shoulders and knees plus giving edge to edge support. The foams used in the Rookie include the Transition, the gel-infused and a wave-foam.

All of the brand’s mattresses use premium bamboo and linen weave fabrics for a plush finishing touch.

The Original comes in five sizes, currently heavily discounted, from Single ($700) to King ($1,300).

The Hybrid also comes in the 5 sizes from Single ($825) to King ($1,550).

Afterpay and Zip are both payment options. Delivery and returns are free to all areas, and there is a 100-night free trial available. A 15-year manufacturer’s warranty applies.

13. Slumba

Engineered for the Aussie climate – hot! – the online mattress in a box from Slumba is a 25cm slim mattress that packs a punch of comfort, support and temperature control.

With three layers it provides a base of motion isolating support foam to keep the mattress from moving and also isolates you from your partner’s movements through the night. The ‘sandwich’ layer is a bamboo/charcoal-infused memory foam which not only supports you but also is hypo-allergenic, antibacterial, odour and moisture-wicking.

On the top is a gel-infused memory foam to cradle your body, align your spine and provide pressure relief and ultimate comfort and temperature control.

The mattress has a removable, washable and hypoallergenic cover for freshness and hygiene.

The Slumba comes in four sizes from Single ($550) to King $850). Two free pillows are included with purchase.

Afterpay is available at checkout.

Delivery is free and can be delivered free to your door in 4 hours in certain areas if you order before noon. Otherwise, you can expect to receive the mattress within 24 hours in most major metro areas. It comes with a 10-year warranty. Slumba does not offer a free trial period as others do.

14. Noahome

The Noa mattress in a box is a hybrid which incorporates latex, memory foam and pocket springs to create a universally comfortable and supportive sleeping surface to suit 95% of people, whatever their body type, sleeping position or pressure point issues are. It’s truly amazing that this can be packaged into a handy box for shipping! And it’s that factor that keeps the cost to you down.

The Noa mattress is only 11” high, with most of that being accounted for by the pocket springs. Put simply, the mattress has a thin base of support foam and a high layer of pocket springs which provide the all-of-body support, limit partner disturbance and allow edge-to-edge use.

Above that, there is a transition pad and a thicker layer of cooling gel memory foam to contour to your body for comfort and support as well as temperature control and moisture-wicking. The natural latex foam layer above that gives you a lovely amount of bounce and some more cooling effect. And to top it off is a soft and smooth Tencel cover which is odour repellent, breathable and anti-dust-mite.

The mattress comes in five sizes from Single ($449, normally $799) to King ($849, normally $1,199).

Delivery is free and will generally take up to 3-4 business days. There is a 100-night free trial with free returns. And the product comes with a 15-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

15. Sleepy Panda

Another hybrid design, the Sleepy Panda is a mattress in a box incorporates a 5-zone pocket spring layer for the targeted support for all the critical areas of your body, a latex layer for cushioning with bounce, and gel memory foam for airflow and temperature regulation.

The pocket springs provide independent support for the feet, knees, hips, lower back, shoulders and head for the ultimate relief in each of these areas. The latex is 100% natural and hypoallergenic. Though firm, it also cushions for optimal comfort.

And the gel memory foam allows air to circulate through the whole of the mattress for a beautifully cool sleep in the Australian heat. And the mattress has a soft and naturally breathable bamboo fibre cover.

The mattress comes in five sizes from Single ($499) to King ($1,049). Zipmoney financing is available.

You will have a 100-night free trial to ensure you’re happy with the mattress, and if not the return is free and you’ll be refunded 100% of the purchase price (special conditions apply to rural areas so you do need to check the website if you live outside a metro area). The product has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Delivery is free to all areas except Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Delivery times differ depending on your location.

16. Avatar Mattress

Avatar mattresses in a box are a purely foam and latex product, with fabric outers.

Inside the mattress is a thick base of dense support foam which is durable and provides enough give to support all body types. The centre of the mattress is a memory foam infused with gel to both contour and support your entire body but also provide cooling airflow for comfort in all weather conditions., particularly heat.

Your entire body is evenly supported and aligned by this foam. The top layer is breathable pin-holed latex which has a good amount of bounce to relieve pressure on your body and as well to again circulate air for comfort and hygiene.

A base of sewn-in non-slip beads prevents bed slippage, and the mattress is then encased in a durable natural linen cover for airflow and freshness. And on top is a quilted Tencel which is absorbent for moisture-wicking and super comfortable.

Don’t be surprised to be taken through to another site when you decide to purchase an Avatar mattress, as they are sold via BedsOnline, which has a number of other products in their online shop which we are not describing here.

The Avatar comes in the ‘Firm’ levels of support only (other mattresses on the site have three support choices). It comes in four sizes between Single and King. There are quite a few ways to filter your searches on their website but to give you an idea of the pricing of these mattresses a Single mattress in the Firm comfort level currently costs $499 (down from RRP of $749) and a King Firm is currently $799 (RRP is $1,349).

The usual methods of payment are accepted, including Paypal, but there are no finance options available.

The company offers free shipping but only to selected metro areas in Sydney and Melbourne, and only on purchases over $999. The terms and conditions around delivery and pick-ups are quite lengthy and ideally, you should read them before purchase.

There is a 100-night ‘comfort’ trial offered, again with T & C’s which you should read before committing to a purchase. Warranties are similarly quite detailed with many exclusions.

17. Sommuto

Sommuto offers a mattress in a box of simple foam construction designed for optimal support and comfort. The mattresses are made in Australia from Australian made polyurethane foams and other materials.

Underneath the durable washable cover is a unique MEMair Breeze memory foam which provides not only the optimal temperature for sleep due to the Ultra High breathability of the foam but also pressure relief and spinal support for a pain-free refreshing sleep every night.

The middle layer is a specially engineered wavy foam which has a high level of resilience to not only encourage airflow again but also provide a good supportive surface for spinal alignment. And below all that is a base of non-slip dense durable foam which limits partner disturbance.

The mattress can be placed on any hard flat surface, including a slatted base.

The mattress comes in five sizes from Single ($699) to King ($1,049). ZipMoney is a finance option.

The company offers a 100-night free trial with a full refund (conditions apply). A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty applies to all purchases.

Delivery is free to all areas and on all orders and will take between 1 – 5 days depending on your location.

18. Ergoflex

The Eregoflex 5G memory foam mattress in a box is a multi-award-winning and chiropractically endorsed mattress which is ideal for those suffering from back issues, and as well for those who want to prevent back problems from developing.

The 5G memory foam mattress is a 5-layer system. The base is a high-resilience foam to prevent mattress movement and designed for product longevity. The next layer is designed to promote a cooling airflow for temperature regulation right at the heart of the mattress.

And the top of the mattress are three layers of memory foam which are a combination of high-density for minimal partner disturbance and visco-elastic for body-shaping support right through the night. The outer mattress cover is made from a soft and breathable Tencel, and that sits on a microfibre inner cover.

The end result is a mattress which does everything you need it to help you sleep in cool comfort and reflexive support and to wake in the morning refreshed and pain-free from head to toe.

The Ergoflex 5G comes in six sizes from Single ($899) to King ($1,749). ZipPay is available at checkout.

There are Bundles available to make savings if you’re looking for bedding accessories as well.

Delivery is generally free but there are some exceptions to this, available on the website. The company offers a free 30-day trial, although this is not available to some locations. A 10-year manufacturer warranty applies.

19. Tontine

Tontine is a well-known Australian brand for bedding products and they are now in the mattress in a box industry sector.

While they still sell all their other lines both instore and online the Tontine memory foam mattress is a relatively new product and was a Recommended Product by CHOICE in December 2018.

The mattress is completely constructed from memory foams and promises to fully align your neck, spine and hips and to minimise pressure points by contouring to your body.

The memory foam used has a track record of performing consistently over an extended period (eight years under simulated conditions) and retaining its shape and structure over that length of time. The mattress includes gel-infused memory foam for its cooling qualities in the top two layers.

The pillowtop is a quilted layer sewn into the top layer for added comfort. And the quilted removable cover is machine washable for freshness and hygiene.

The mattress comes in four sizes between Single (normally $799.99) and King (normally $1,199.99).

Tontine’s also had an additional current promotion, and for a limited period, of two free Comfortech latex pillows valued at $179.90 when you purchase a Tontine mattress. Just use the code ‘FREEBIE’ at checkout.

Afterpay is an interest-free finance option, as is Openpay.

Shipping and returns are free. The company offers a 100-night risk-free trial period and a 10-year warranty.

How To Choose Best Mattress In A Box?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a memory foam or pocket spring mattress. This is probably the most important factor when choosing a boxed mattress.

If you are used to sleeping on a hard/firm mattress then you may find making the switch to a memory foam mattress a little uncomfortable to begin with. Usually this effect wears ofF.

Memory Foam vs Pocket Spring Boxed Mattress

If you are used to sleeping in a less firm position and prefer to mould your body into the mattress then a memory foam mattress will be very straight forward to get use to.

It’s not uncommon for friends and family to come and stay and ‘have the best sleep ever’ when they use your memory foam mattress.

Others will complain about having a sore back and unfortunately this is something you or your family may experience when buying a memory foam mattress.

If you’re currently experiencing back problems on a spring mattress then a memory foam mattress might help alleviate those problems whereas if you have back problems using the memory foam mattresses then you may need to go back to a pocket spring mattress.

How Heavy Is A Mattress In A Box?

Good question and if you live in an apartment you might be conscious when it comes time to relocate. Memory foam mattresses usually weigh 20-30kg and are actually pretty light.

One person can easily lift a memory foam mattress with a further person likely required to remove from the bedroom or sleeping area.

Pocket spring mattresses can vary in weight depending on the features they include. The Eva mattress for example weighs in at nearly 70kg which is probably far too heavy for even two people to move around the house with ease.

Once it’s been unboxed it’s even heavier as the weight is spread out throughout the entire mattress.

Can You Repack A Boxed Mattress?

When I first started looking at boxed mattresses my brain didn’t click that the mattress can’t be recompressed and fitted back into the box.

Maybe I was just being gullible but I actually thought the whole idea was you could move it easily in the future. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Once you open and start to use the mattress, it can no longer be repacked or taken down. You simply have to use it like any other mattress and that means moving or getting rid of it – which of course can be a hassle.

Returning A Boxed Mattress?

I’ve never understood the returns process of boxed mattress companies as they happily give 100-125 day trials and then when someone requests a refund they simply get the Red Cross or the Salvation Army to come and collect the mattress.

Yes, no one wants a used mattress but given most come with removable washable covers, you’d think they may be able to do something with them? Maybe not and it’s great for the local charities.

The problem I always faced was the lack of ownership from the Salvation Army in actually collecting the mattress. Given it’s free for them, they could never actually give a pick up time, (i.e. between 9am – 4pm), which is unhelpful to pretty much every working family.

Despite telling them I lived on the 45th floor of an apartment block they’d suggest I leave it outside.. but if it was stolen, dirty or wet they wouldn’t collect it and my refund would be long gone.

They actually make it really difficult to collect and until they do, most mattress companies won’t actually refund you, it’s cache 22. Now you know the best mattress in a box Australia has to offer, checkout our other guides.

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